Reviews / feedbacks from Hegemony77 online shop

Review about a sixth scale long sleeve T-shirt:

"Virtually all of Monika’s clients, including me, seem to do nothing but gush over her work and if you ever get the chance to get one of her items, you’ll invariably become one of us as well! This long-sleeve top is nothing short of breath-taking. Once again, my custom Clark Kent wears this top, and he looks amazing with it on. This top hugs his physique magnificently without ever sacrificing any poseability. Yet another reason I love Monika’s work: the best of form & function wrapped in a stunning piece of miniature, wearable art. thank you, Monika, for creating all these gorgeous goodies!"

Review about a sixth scale T-shirt:

"Oh, how i wish all my other figures’ t-shirts fit as gorgeously as this one! This T-shirt naturally bends & flexes along with the posing movements of my figure’s body. Before getting this T-shirt, I thought all t-shirts were made the same. Oh, how I was sorely mistaken!"

Review about a sixth scale light blue jeans pants:

"When I first put these jeans on my custom Clark Kent (Man of Steel) figure, it seemed as if they were a bit too long and a tad too baggy, but in the end, none of that really mattered. What matters is that these jeans are arguably the best-fitting jeans I’ve ever handled, both in 1:6 & 1:1 scale and the best thing is that Clark can get into some kickbutt crouching poses in these jeans without missing a beat!

"Many times, other 1:6 jeans are usually tailored really well, but they’re often just a teeny, tiny smidge off in some way, shape or form. However, with these jeans, Monika’s added just a little bit more TLC, and that’s made all the difference. I’m tempted to hire her to custom make me some jeans to wear for myself!"

Review about a sixth scale sleeveless A shirt singlet:

"Monika’s work shines in virtually every piece she makes. your attention to detail, the cut & quality of the material, the absolutely beautiful fit…nothing less than pure love. my Hugh Jackman custom Wolverine now wears this tank top, and the only way to take it off his back is over his cold, dead adamantium claws!"


  1. merci, mais je cherche des figurines articulées au 1/8 ~ 7 ou 8 pouces

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