Comparison photos of dolls and 1/ 6 scale figures – My Flickr Year 2013 tag game

Via Flickr:
Most Interesting:
1/ 6 scale male dolls and action figures comparison photo – Ken Fashionista – Fashion Royalty Homme – Hot Toys TrueType Male Body TTM 19 Muscular Caucasian Version 12 inch figure – Hot Toys 1/6 True Type Basic Series TTM 20 Advanced Muscular Body Action Figure

Most Views: (7231)
Doll body comparison photo – Momoko Fruit of Passion – 1/6 scale female figure Sucker Punch Babydoll (Sideshow Collectibles, Hot Toys) – Barbie Belly Button – Fashion Royalty Mission Control Imogen – 10th Anniversary Veronique Perrin FR2 Forever Doll

Most Favorites: (155)
Dolls and 1/ 6 scale figures in the order by size – size and skin color comparison group photo:
Petite Blythe, 11 cm Obitsu body, Dal, Monster High, Blythe, Pullip, Monster High boy, Momoko, Barbie, Fashion Royalty FR2, 1/6 scale female action figure, Taeyang, Ken, Fashion Royalty male, Hot Toys TrueType TTM 19, Hot Toys TrueType TTM 20 advanced muscular body 1/6 scale action figure

I have no personal favorite.

Thanks to the following for the tagging: Lulemee, barbie for Mary, inmortuorum, Wenwen

Feel free to tag yourself and show your best photos based on your Flickr statistics.
This tag game is a tradition for Flickr users. I cannot tag everyone, as there is a limit of tags + many people do not allow others to add them to photos (tagging)

Thanks so much for all support in 2013: comments, favorites, shares and purchases…


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